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Eyelid surgery

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Eyelid surgery include a variety of different surgical techniques to address many of the aging changes of the upper and lower eyelids.  These conditions include excessive redundant skin (dermatochalasis), drooping eyelids (ptosis), sagging lower eyelids (ectropion) and inturned eyelids (entropion).

Our most common procedure is blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids.  Many cases can be covered by insurance if the redundant skin is interfering with visual tasks.  Lower lid blepharoplasty which is cosmetic in nature is used to sculpt the fat pads in the lower lids to enhance a youthful complexion.  Ptosis repair addresses an eyelid that does not open fully and usually tightens the main or secondary muscle involved with opening.

Ectropion and entropion repair involve tightening the lateral tendons of the eyelid that are lax in addition to lower retractors which have loosened.

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