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Cataract Surgery

Modern cataract surgery is a smooth painless process for the majority of patients.

Toric Implants

This implant will correct for astigmatism and is helpful in some patients with higher astimatism.

Multifocal Implants

This implant will correct for near and distance vision both.


This device can be placed at the time of cataract surgery to help reduce dependence on glaucoma drops.


Removal of redundant upper lid skin and sculpting of the fat pads helps the eyes feel less heavy.

Ptosis repair

Tightening of the eyelid lifting muscles is sometimes needed to help a droopy eyelid open better.

Corneal Tranplants

Newer corneal transplant techniques such as DMEK help reduce healing time significantly.

Glaucoma surgery

glaucoma surgery1Glaucoma surgery is undergoing a revolution at this time globally.  At Great Lakes Surgery Center we are committed to providing the best technology that will address the problem in the most efficient fashion.

Currently the iStent has been approved for placement during cataract surgery and this small stent has been shown to provide lowering of eye pressures potentially allowing glaucoma patients having cataract surgery to reduce the number of eyedrops used.

Traditional glaucoma surgery include trabeculectomy and tube shunts which are techniques used for more advanced cases of glaucoma that are not adequately controlled by medicines or lasers.

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About Great Lakes Surgery Center

Great Lakes Surgery Center is the culmination of a joint effort between Lakeland Hospital and Great Lakes Eye Care to ensure that Berrien County will maintain the best surgical eyecare available for years to come.  Great Lakes Surgery Center is an ambulatory surgery center affliated with and adjoined to Great Lakes Eye Care.  The center is staffed by the ophthalmologists at Great Lakes Eye Care and by a highly trained group of nurses, technicians and other staff with years of experience in outpatient eye surgery.

Our goal is for the highest quality outcomes with the best surgical experience possible for every patient that we serve.  Besides cataract surgery which is our most common surgery, we have expertise in iStent glaucoma surgery, trabeculectomy, tube shunts, belpharoplasty, ptosis repair, modern corneal transplants, pterygium surgery, retinal injections, lasers and YAG laser capsulotomy.  

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Latest Technology

Our facility has the latest in phacoemulsification technology and works with the latest in Toric and Multifocal lens implants

Ophthalmic scrub technicians and nurses

Our scrub assistants and nurses have years of experience in eye surgery and will help make your experience seamless.

Smooth anesthesia

Our nurse anesthetists specialize in making sure that your eye surgery experience is painless and anxiety free.

We perform modern small incision, sutureless, no needle cataract surgery with the latest in lens implant technology. Ask if you are a candidate for toric or multifocal implants.
Inquire about the new Toric, Multifocal and Extended Range Depth of Field Lens Implants.
We offer eyelid surgery to raise drooping eyelids that obstruct your vision as well as cosmetic blepharoplasty.

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Our surgery center provides modern high quality cataract surgery for adult patients under local or topical anesthesia using the latest lens implant technologies to serve your needs.

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Great Lakes Surgery Center was built for all of your surgical eyecare needs.

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